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Dominion Software is a unique proprietary marketing system that allows businesses to remarket to customers based on their previous search history.

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Our sophisticated marketing algorithms allow us to recognize patterns in your demographics search history, and automatically syndicates content to them.

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Our software is not only intelligent, but it's sophisticated enough to operate without any control. This saves you a significant amount of time and allows you to focus on growing your business.

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Why Do You Need Internet Marketing software?

In today's world of internet marketing, it is almost impossible to run a viable business and focus on all of the algorithmic changes that are going on with Google. You're worried about running your business, and should have to be stressed about internet marketing setbacks. Since search engine optimization has become a key factor in helping sites get ranked, we at Dominion Software have created a product that automates the authority of your web presence. We know it's your goal to get out there and make sure that your site is ranking at the top of Google so that you're able to attract more customers, and that's exactly what we've programmed our software after.

Our software is programmed to send out all of the necessary signals that help you build authority in the eyes of Google. There's nothing about it that search engines do not approve, everything is done on a trusted level. What our software is able to do is create the necessary content and relationships you need to start connecting with similar businesses that can help verify your authority. Instead of manually reaching out to these site owners yourself, our programs sends out automated messages that dynamically change and respond based on the end users response. Below you will find a few case study examples of some of the clients that our software has helped improve their domain authority.

Learn More About The History Of Marketing Automation.

Case Studies

Learn How Our Software Has Impacted Busiensses Across The World

Phoenix SEO Company Expands Marketing Reach

Roughly 7 months ago, a client by the name of Digitus Prime (digitusprime.com), who's based out of Phoenix, Arizona, came to us with a need to grow their business. The current owner is a has been providing search engine optimization services for years now and was currently dedicating all of his time to creating results for his clients. Since he and his team were busy focusing on what truly matters, they contacted us for a free trial of our dominion Software package. We scheduled an hour tutorial with them to help walk them through the software options and features. During the meeting, we noticed the team members of Digitus Prime catching on to our platform fairly easy.

Following our meeting, we allowed them an extra two weeks to familiarize themselves, internally, with our system and figure out how the wanted to manage it within their office. Upon following up, we were extremely excited to learn that the client had already begun to fully automate their marketing and outreach using Dominion Software. They launched out lead gen system and within a few days, began to see immediate results from executing everything they learned our conference call. More recently, the owner of Digitus Prime was able to open up a new location (digitusprime.com/mesa-seo) stated that his business had increased by more that 15% on a monthly basis, just from implementing our software.

"In just under 3 weeks time, my leads, and more importantly, sales had increased by roughly 15% because of the Dominion Software package" -- Owner, Digitus Prime (digitusprime.com/scottsdale-seo)

This goes to show, if executed and maintained on a consistent basis, our technology can significantly impact the future success of your business. We know that all business owner hope for the best when it comes to their company and we aim to help turn that hope into a reality.

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From Personal Injury To Car Wreck Lawyers: This is Law with a Digital Twist.

It started with a simple problem, legal expungement forms took forever for law student Matthew Stubenberg to fill out. He had one simple solution: use a computer program to not only move data from the database to the legal form, but to also help people determine whether their case was able to be expunged. This allows people in civil courts, such as a personal injury attorney who are not guaranteed legal representation the capability to help file their own paperwork and defend themselves. Because Stubenberg knew how to code, he created a simple-but not pretty- program to help people identify if they quality for an expungement and to easily fill out the legal form. Stubenberg would love to be able to expand the program throughout the state to help everyone with their legal forms.

Stubenberg is not the only person to see the value of technology in the legal business. Claudia Johnson immediately saw the benefits of using online legal forms. She knew that they would help provide access to justice and legal aid that some people are unable to get, especially those in need of the best car wreck lawyer. Disturbed that larger companies were always represented while average people were not, Johnson felt compelled to use technology to help bring balance to the legal world. She took over LawHelp Interactive when it was used in only 11 states. Now, it has spread to 39 states to help all kinds of people.

Now there are websites like Michigan Law Help which digitally walks people through the process of filling out legal forms. What was once a very difficult and expensive process has become affordable to all people and makes legal proceedings easier to understand for anyone. The process requires people to answer simple questions about themselves and their legal issues and fills out the paperwork for them. It also knows to ask more detailed questions based on the user's answers. Michigan Law Help found that people who used the software concluded their cases faster than those who represented themselves, but did not use the online software.

Besides allowing people to help themselves, the software can also help lawyers process more cases faster, therefore, reducing cost to themselves and their clients. The courts are also less burdened by people showing up to a proceeding unprepared. For now, there are only a few types of cases that can be filed through an online program, but lawyers like Stubenberg hope to expand to help more people.

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Day Trading in a Nutshell

The act of day trading involves buying and selling an investment vehicle or financial asset within the same day hence the name, which in this case the asset being traded is stocks. Traders using this approach attempt to profit from the daily price movements in stocks, particularly in highly liquid ones. Although this article discusses day trading from the viewpoint of a stock trader, the approach can also be used for currencies, futures, etc, says director of marketing a the delta trading group.

Pros and Cons

A benefit to trading intraday price action is that you get to capitalize on short-term windows that are not afforded to investors with longer investment time horizons. If ABC stock price increases by $0.50 within the early morning and then goes back down to the same or close to the same price level it started the day at, you would've pocketed that $0.50 per share increase while traders with long-term positions on the same stock would've just seen their portfolio rise briefly and then move back down to breakeven.

A pitfall to day trading is that it can also work against you, creating serious amount of losses if not capped immediately. Traders who lack the experience, skill, and discipline can find themselves exiting losing position after losing position with rare bouts of profit. Over time, a day trading approach that is used carelessly will only chip off your account balance gradually until you find yourself depositing more money just to bring things back up to the value your account was before.

Considerations Prior Day Trading

It's important to note that day trading is only allowed for trading accounts that are deposited with at least $25,000. Traders with less starting capital will be limited to making up to three day trades per week. Four or more day trades without the minimum $25,000 capital will result in a day trading margin call sent out by your delta trading group youtube channel.

While day trading is a viable source of income, it should be done with acknowledgment that risk is always present. No trade, irrespective of source and strategy, offers the surety of profit. Visit the Delta Trading Group Reviews page for any additional info on day trading.

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